Murdoch Nails Podium Spot At World Championships


Ross stormed to a Scottish Record and World Championship Bronze medal today in 100m Breaststroke, beaten to the line only by the current and former World Record holders.

Having qualified in the slowest time for the final, which took place today at 15:32 in Kazan, Russia, Ross had to swim his own race out in lane 8; far away from the heated battle taking place between Great Britain's Adam Peaty and South Africa's Cameron van der Burgh in the central lanes. However, despite the disadvantages of such an outer lane, Ross kept his cool to swim a personal best performance and a Scottish Record in a time of 59.09.

Ross' team mate and current World Record holder, Adam Peaty, took overall victory in a time of 58.52, pipping Cameron van der Burgh on the last stroke to win by just 7 hundredths of a second (58.59). Cameron had otherwise dominated the race, swimming his first 50m almost half a second quicker than the rest of the field (26.79). Nevertheless, the ambitious first half by Cameron was not enough to hold off Peaty who gained back on the former World Champion to literally take Gold on the speed of his last stroke.

However, it was actually Murdoch's second half that was perhaps the most impressive turn around. Having touched 50m in seventh place in 27.95, his return time was 31.14, almost 0.2s faster that Peaty's second half, and over a half a second on Cameron van der Burgh, taking him four places up the standings to Bronze. All the times and stats are listed below:

1 4 Adam Peaty GBR 0.59 27.2 2 58.52 31.32
2 5 Cameron Can Der Burgh RSA 0.65 26.79 1 58.59 31.8
3 8 Ross Murdoch GBR 0.64 27.95 7 59.09 31.14
4 6 Dmitriy Balandin KAZ 0.7 27.89 6 59.42 31.53
5 1 Jake Packard AUS 0.66 27.84 5 59.44 31.6
6 3 Giedrius Titenis LTU 0.71 27.44 3 59.56 32.12
7 2 Kirill Prigoda RUS 0.64 28.12 8 59.84 31.72
8 7 Hendrik Feldwehr GER 0.7 27.57 4 01:00.2 32.59

The official time sheet is available here.

In post race interview, Murdoch was thrilled with the result:

"I can't believe I got my hands on that world medal. I still feel a little bit out of my comfort zone at the faster (stroke) rates, but I'm the fastest I've ever been. That gives me a lot of confidence going into next year for the front end of that 200."

Talking about the build up, Murdoch added, "I had a rotten swim last night (in the semi-final). It was really, really bad and slower than my heats swim. I came in tonight with a really relaxed attitude."

"I'm a back end swimmer, a 200m swimmer. I can't follow those boys out in the first 50m so I have to work to my strength tonight and play it down the back end."

"I've had illness this year which meant I didn't qualify for the 200m and that was a little upsetting. But I've had the focus on the 100m to try and develop the front end for the 200m next year and as much as I'm pleased with a world bronze medal here, this isn't the end."

The race is available to watch on the BBC Sport website here, and the BBC will continue to provide coverage for the rest of Championship's events over the coming days.

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